SPF and DKIM Error

Please explain to to me why this error coming

The system failed to complete validation of “XXXX”’s “DKIM” because of an error: (XID 9a94jr) DNS returned “SERVFAIL” (code 2) in response to the system’s query for “XXXXX”’s “TXT” records.

this is came when moved cloudflare sine my cutomer everyone having this isuess

It’s possible the domain does not have those TXT records. What’s the domain?

I am doing a small web development company. same time reselling hosting as well.

so here problem when I moved Cloudflare my customers’ domains all rejecting sending the mail since its showing has error code SPF and DKIM.


PTR records working…

this is error coming my addon domain(secondary domain). main sub domain all working

Cloudflare DNS will do exactly as you tell it to do. Ask your mail host what your DNS records should look like, and add them here.

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How can i check DNS records?

note i have added ns server cloudflare ns records.

which DNS records i need to add?

Already answered:

Thanks lot its working now

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