Spent hours configuring DNS settings but no luck

Hello Cloudflare Support,

I’ve spent hours trying to configure my namecheap server on Cloudflare but I haven’t been successful. I contacted namecheap support and they suggested I reach out to Cloudflare support. I started by using these instructions:



I made sure to use Cloudflare’s nameservers in my namecheap domain and my Cloudflare settings shows that those are configured correctly because it is currently protecting the domain. I followed the article to add the necessary cname and A types in my DNS settings in Cloudflare for it to work with namecheap (autoconfig, autodiscover, cpanel, etc). The result of this setup was an Error 1016: Origin DNS error when accessing the site (www.cmarketprice.com). Cloudflare’s support documents suggested I need the origin IP address for the website. I used a DNS lookup tool to find the two A records for my domain ( and However, I added these as A records to my DNS settings in my Cloudflare settings but now my website gives me a “the page isn’t redirecting properly” error message. I have no idea how to proceed from here. Any suggestions? I have attached my current DNS records as a photo to see if you can spot any obvious issues. This current setup is causing the “the page isn’t redirecting properly” error mentioned above.

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Those first two records contain Cloudflare’s IP addresses. They need to be the IP address of your server at Namecheap. And you only need one “A” record for cmarketprice.com

Thank you for your reply, sdayman. My main misunderstanding in all of this was thinking that the namecheap domain I bought was already being hosted by namecheap. I know what is left to do now so I appreciate the help.

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