Speedtest is not testing with nearest server

Hi team,
I’m from Karachi, Pakistan and we have 3 Cloudflare servers in Pakistan. (Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore).

I can reach both and but don’t know which Cloudflare server i’m connecting too unless there i saw some error page which says routed from [some location name]

firstly is there a way to know which Cloudflare server i’m connected too and when i do speediest https://speed.cloudflare.com/ it connects me to Singapore instead of three servers closest to me [in Pakistan] and others latency wise.

also i have 100 up/100 down connection and i’m not getting accurate results also.

i check Cloudflare status and all servers are operational (Pakistan servers).

I see whenever there is a outage it connects me to Singapore instead connecting to much closer servers like in India or Oman etc.

Karachi servers mostly down they give ping timeouts very ofter then i sometimes reroutes to Lahore server, I rarely see Islamabad server then Singapore server.

Why Singapore server takes high priority or those servers deployed in Pakistan have some limitation like just only dns forwarding and some sort of cache ?

Latency to Cloudflare and mostly gives 1 to 3 or 4 ms but now its giving 20 to 23 ms, is that issue related to submarine fiber cut.

I’m connected to AS139879.

One thing more that are these Cloudflare servers connected directly or via a third party isp giving dark core ?

That speedtest is pretty inconsistent for me. I triple check and compare with fast.com, and speedtest.net.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Cloudflare’s speedtest has the same limitation as this:


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