Speeding up file access and delivery


I am currently using Cloudflare DNS to proxy content (images) from Google Cloud Storage in order to speed up content delivery to users across the globe.

While using the developed app, I noticed that the initial fetch takes longer (which I assume is normal as it has not been cached yet), but afterward, the cache is only stored for an hour.

1. Is it possible to make the content available across all nodes without requiring one user to load it first, so that other users in the region can access it almost instantly?
2. Is it possible to change the TTL or some other setting to increase the time the cached content is stored?

I am serving .webp files through a subdomain I created specifically for this purpose.


No, Cloudflare is a pull CDN

To modify performance, you can check your tiered cache settings…

or you can look to use Cache reserve…

You can use cache rules to customise cache behaviour…

…but note that cache times are a maximum. If not using cache reserve, infrequently used items will be evicted from the cache to allow for more requested items for that PoP.

Thank you. I had Tiered Cache already enabled. I will try Cache Reserve to see if it makes any difference.

I tested Cache Reserve. It works great for already cached files; however, the initial load, which was not cached, is now somehow slower than before. Is that normal?