Speed up WordPress E-comm website?

Hi There,

I have an e-comm WP website self hosted and served by Cloudflare cdn.
The problem is that its very slow: 7s loading time in my geo of interest.

I performed the speed check and I have a lot to “fix” (see the pic), but cannot find any tutorial on how to do it.

Any tips anyone?

Without more insight into all the assets you’re trying to load, I suspect much of that is caused by a ton of plugins.

If you’re using HTTPS here, you get the advantage of HTTP/2, which will load your resources in parallel. This reduces the need to Combine or Parallelize many of your resources.

Leverage Browser Caching should already be turned on here, but you may want to increase the Cache time in Cloudflare’s Caching tab.

As for your 7 second load time, more cache HITs will help. You can check the cache status by scrolling down in Pingdom and expanding the waterfall view for each asset.

Also keep in mind that anything that’s not loaded from your site (Google Fonts, etc), can’t be adjusted for better performance.

Yes I use 6 plugins: woocommerce (e-com site obviously), contact-form-7, email-subscribers, header-and-footer (need for analytics), really-simple-ssl (need for SSL) and WP clone (for backups).
How long should be the caching time on Cloudflare to Leverage browser Caching? now I have 4 hours.
my “Always use HTTPS” is off, should it be on?
my “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” is on.

i did some research and for example combining external js and css requires another plugin… :cry:

Browser cache is for static assets, so I go with much longer cache times, like a week or a month. If you give it a day, that might help your scores. Google recommends one week.

If you’ve already turned on SSL in the SSL/TLS app, I’d definitely turn on “Always Use HTTPS.”


Use a WP cache plugin like Comet Cache. That will bring down the load time a great deal.
Aside from that, you’d have to optimize your header/theme to load resources in a better way. Some plugins will do this for you (like concatanizing and minifying CSS).

Hi @sdayman ,

I did as you suggested and now my site loads in 1,8s. It’s acceptable for me now. Thanks.