Speed Up WordPress and Improve Performance



Cloudflare’s CDN services can help cache your content across our giant global network, but performance isn’t just about moving static files closer to your visitor. Cloudflare does more than offer a CDN, Cloudflare’s optimization features allow you to enhance the performance of your WordPress site beyond what a traditional CDN can do.

Review the detailed article here.

If you are still having issues feel free to ask questions here.

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Great feature. It should be included in the Pro plan and offered for 30 days (free of charge) to Free users (a great way to try it and, if beneficial, motivate your prospects to switch to Pro or Business).


@junade: Any updates on this? (offering this feature to Pro users at no extra charge, and to Free users on a trial basis)

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Thanks for the suggestion but I think I’ll just access the site through a separate development domain for any edits. There’s too much risk (and work) otherwise.

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