Speed up website using CF


My website’s URL is https://unistat.com.cy

I have WP-Rocket installed integrated with CF.

I ve noticed that in GTmetrix, a lot of elementes, especially fonts, are being loaded more slowly using Cloudflare.

This is causing more loading time overall.

I have CF Pro.

What can i do to improve loading time in general?

Any tips would really help.

Thank you

It’s interesting that you mention fonts, because you’re preloading a bunch of them. There’s also a ton of DNS prefetching. WooCommerce certainly doesn’t make it any easier. But I admit that the performance looks bad.

Running your site through any of those tests, especially Pagespeed Insights, brings up a long list of things to fix. I suspect that reducing the complexity of the page would help the most. Your site has a similar layout as staples.com, but that site fares better in Pagespeed Insights.

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