Speed Up Tips for Dynamic WordPress Site Like Easy Digital Download,WooCommerce

Can someone share,Tips to speed up pages like cart,checkout and etc with the help of Cloudflare.

How can Cloudflare help in boosting dynamic sites, Apart from Railgun, which is in the business plan.
Also, I read that ARGO may help but it also considers Bot traffic, hence, some users with little traffic also have to pay a large amount of money.

PS: All plugin, etc basic optimization is done.

Thank you in advance

I am also searching for the same question answer.

Argo is great but depends on revenue vs traffic. Can be used with APO as well depending on how much server contact you have with your site scripts.

Right now my international traffic has grown, before with US base traffic and server in the U.S was like 20 to 30%, right now pushing higher with lot more south America, Europe, and Asia connecting (legit users).

Bots are a pain, but just do rate limiting on the server-side with booby traps, honey pots using fail2ban, nginx and many other little tricks for those lovely little buggers, and whitelist good bots, don’t pay for rate limiting on Cloudflare unless you are under attack a lot then its worth it, since you can use that money for Argo :wink: