Speed up the website issues

Hey, I recently add some new Webp Format images to the website Posts and pages. After some days website is facing Slow Page Speed on the Mobile Version. I am using the Cloudflare for my site https://ogbwhats.com/ Please Share some suggestions to speed up again the Site.

Looking forward to the solution.

Hey there,

A HTTP Error 524 indicates a timeout after establishing a TCP connection and waiting for a response from your origin.

If your origin server does not return any data after 100 seconds, we will close the connection and serve a 524 error. This can happen if your server is simply taking too long because it has too much work to do - e.g. a large data query, or because the server is struggling for resources and cannot return any data in time. We recommend that you implement status polling of large HTTP processes to avoid hitting this error.

We have this great guide within the Cloudflare community to help: Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred

Thanks :slight_smile: