Speed up page load time for API data

I am looking to speed up my page load Tim per google page speed insights to show FCP under


There is some content that that we pull via API and takes 1.8 seconds to load.
This content is cached on original server but still there is network traffic which causes this delay.

Is there a way to cache this in Cloudflare? The API url changes for pages but I was looking to find a patten in my application and cache this in Cloudflare workers?
I am on paid plan of Cloudflare


Yes, you can set a Cache Rule (beta) to cache your API response. Couple that with Tiered Cache and you should have a good start.

If you’re interested in using Cloudflare Workers, I’d suggest you open another topic with more detail about what you want to accomplish and perhaps whatever code you have tried, and set the category Developers > Workers so that it attracts the right community members.

You can also want to join the Cloudflare Workers Discord community.

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