Speed up my website

GTmetrix gives me A pagespeed and A Yslow score. My speed score is only 4.6s. What an I do to get this speed cut in half?

Cloudflare is doing as much as it can for your site. Because it’s WooCommerce, your performance depends heavily on your server. As the GT-Metrix report says, you also need to reduce the complexity of your page.

Just clicking on a product takes several seconds for the server to respond. The slowest elements in each page load are because the browser is waiting for the origin server to respond.

If you want a faster WC site, get managed hosting tailored for WC.

p.s. I suggest that you enable “Always Use HTTPS” in SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates so visitors are redirected to a secure URL.

Thanks! I just did. always use https.

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Quick tip, I know workers is not advertised as this, but Workers Sites is an incredible CDN. There are no easy ways (that I know of) to upload files to it via your app, but other than that it works really well.

I usually write my sites in PHP (usually Cake or Laravel), so the initial pageload is always the slowest thing, but I can typically compensate for this by minimizing the amount of things sent in that pageload, so I am basically only sending the static page HTML, and 2 or 3 references to various stylesheets or scripts, plus any images, and all of those things will be hosted on a CDN powered by workers.

This essentially gives me the speed of a headless stack (where you have a static site on client side interfacing with server via an API and client side requests) by making sure that the majority of requests are going through a CDN, just without all of the work that goes into developing and securing an app on a headless stack.

I don’t know how any of that would be implemented in WP, but that is typically my approach to speeding up a slow site.

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