Speed up Blogspot blog: is the Pro upgrade worth it?

Because of the Google Core Web Vitals in May 2021 I want to speed up my blogspot blog. Because there aren’t many opportunities to do this, I’ve connected it to Cloudflare.

On Google PageSpeed Insights my score is 29 for mobile and 69 for desktop, and that is after connecting to Cloudflare.

Now I’m wondering: is worth paying 20 USD per month to improve speed?

I’m at hetmoederfront.com

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Not really. The biggest problem is your image format. You’d be better off sizing them properly and running them through tinyjpg.com to reduce file size. It also looks like you’d be better off using JPG, as those are photos, and not graphic images.

Other than that, follow their suggestions the best you can, but the images should get you most of the way there.



thank you very much for your answer. It’s good to know I don’t need to invest 20 USD per month.

But the thing is: I already reduced file sizes with Tinyjpg.com

Is there anything else I can do?


This image looks really large tho (almost 1.5MB)

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You’re absolutely right! Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to try and make it smaller.

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Not if you’re using PNG for photos.

Oh, I did not know I had to change that too! I thought I was doing really well by using tinypng. Is there a tool you can recommend I should use instead?

Thanks for pointing this out!


A good tool is any good onlineconverter that can losslessly (if possible) convert from one format into all usefull others.

For the start you can use:

Its about using the right format for each type of media.

Pictures/Photos: JPEG
Grafics: PNG
Logo/Icons: PNG/SVG

But in the end you anyway should convert them to WEBP and serve them optional als WEBP to speed up the load of all images.

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