Speed up a website? Pro plan? Argo?

I have an eCommerce website, which is hosted in Germany by Siteground and connected to Cloudflare’s CDN network using the free plan. Our target group is only in Iraq. So I’d like to know, whether you think it would help to switch to the pro plan or use Argo or any other measure to improve the speed. I’d like to hear your suggestions.

Thank you : )

Users in Iraq, have average latencies to probes of:

"FRA": 96.67,
"BOM": 80.035,
"AMS": 94.925,
"DUB": 110.435,
"CDG": 115.825,
"YUL": 183.89,
"HEL": 117.895,
"LHR": 153.72,
"RIC": 187.33,
"CMH": 205.23,
"SIN": 247.775,
"PDX": 266.04,
"NRT": 336.755,
"SYD": 378.105

Pro accounts are served mainly BGW, ATH and IST.
Is your content dynamic or static?

Thanks for your answer

My website is a WordPress eCommerce website, so yes the content is dynamic