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I have set up Cloudflare on one of my sites. When I tested it on gtmetrix, it got a grade of C. Are there settings in Cloudflare I can make to improve this?

There are different reasons for a grade of C. Your GTMetrix report should outline why you got that grade. If you post the report URL, we can offer you some suggestions.

We are working on the issues we can fix.

If you have any suggestions this is the report url


Those tools is not accurate, use Chrome Lighthouse.

Starting from the top, and I’m sure others will correct anything I miss:

  1. Caching. Take a look at the Cloudflare Cache section. What is your Browser Cache Expiration time? I’d set it to at least 1 week. That should fix the complaints about cache expiration.

  2. That “Consistent URL” warning is something you’ll have to track down in your website.

  3. Defer Javascript. On the Cloudflare Speed setting section, turn on Rocket Loader. This usually doesn’t break things.

  4. Minify Javascript. Also on the Speed settings, at the top, are Minify options. Enable all of those.

  5. Leverage Browser caching. #1 above should fix that.

  6. Optimize Images. If you don’t have an automated way to do that, you can click each of GTMetrix’s “See Optimized Version” and grab that one to put on your site. Make sure you have backups of what you’re replacing.

  • If you’re on a Pro Plan or above, you should just use Mirage and Polish in the Speed settings section.
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Glad to see everything is up and running today! Your site is incredibly quick with < 1 second load time and pages load as fast as I can click. One thing to remember is that scores don’t necessarily mean faster load times which is most important to visitors. When chasing better scores, be sure to clear caches & re-test after each modification.

Wow. Thanks for helping me with this. I’ll set all these settings and run the Chrome Lighthouse test again.

You are awesome.

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I think it has to do with the amount of ‘Requests’, 65 VS 22 requests. My website is not really that optimized but it gets an A. https://gtmetrix.com/reports/hostup.org/yKkeOrMU. But the main issue I am having is that my server is REALLY slow. Digitalocean is not that good when it comes to first byte response time.

As you may see I also have A lot of pictures! But I am utilising ‘Lazy images’. You too should try this. Only load the images you see on screen.

Lighthouse has its issues, too. It has the same flaw of giving a score to tasks completed.
The only true measure of a site’s performance is it’s time. You can have a lower speed score on a faster page.


Yep. Ignore grade. Focus on time.

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