Speed Test

Two days ago the google speed test was rating my site (howl.gr) at 52

yesterday I purchased the cloud flare CDN and today the same rating is at 28.

Since the drop is immense can I ask what am I doing wrong and how to increase my rating with CDN at way higher levels than 52?

Increase your Browser Cache Expiration time to 24 hours (or more) in Cloudflare’s Caching tab.

Make sure Auto Minify is turned on in Cloudflare’s Speed tab.

I also use the Compress PNG/JPG plugin to compress images. You can get 500 free compressions per month.

That should get your score a bit higher. Let us know what it is.


I see your site is Wordpress. Are you running any caching plugins? You have a lot of render-blocking js - have you tried Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader? I think it’s back online…

Hello sdayman thanks

  1. I increased Cache expiration as you suggested at a month level
  2. At autominify I had already checked the js, css and html options
  3. Great idea I will do this

thanks so far

Hey andy,

I will try to find a caching plugin and use it

Yeah already have checked rocket loader

Oh I was just wondering if you were using a caching plugin - you may not need to install one, that is up to you.

Based on my quick analysis it looks like your site is making ~45 HTTP requests for js and css. This isn’t horrible but it is a factor in your overall load time

update: I ran some more tests and notice that your google score is now 61/62, which is an increase from what you initially posted. Additionally, my GTmetrix scans show that your site is now loading in ~4 seconds, which down from 8 seconds from my initial scan. You can view the report here > history tab > page timings.

Yeah the site now scores at 76.

Hey guys thanks so much for your help