Speed test score high, but page takes more than 5s

Hi Community…! in google page speed my site speed score 92 for mobile and 96 for desktop also in gtmetrix page speed score and Yslow score is green, but site load time showing 5.8 sec.

i am confuse i check and try to fix all problem but speed still showing 5 sec +. anyone guide me how to fast my site speed via Cloudflare ?

here is site url: http://lotterysambadtoday.net
and here is snaps of speed: https://imgur.com/a/ERkUk5Q

Hi @wowlike03,

Your page loads in less than 2 seconds, which is not bad for a page with an HTML that is not cached by Cloudflare. It takes longer though to connect to a third party that provides you with chat service, and so the finish of the speed test shows more than 5 secs. You should not worry too much about this, in my view.

If you think your page could be cached for even faster results, then you could try enabling a page rule with a setting of Cache Level: cache everything. Since your page seems to contain time sensitive content, make sure you study and test this carefully before implementing.


okay thanks for tip, hope your tip speed up my site load, thanks again

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