Speed test not running

My website is https://davidsplace.org and it’s been on Cloudflare for several days and seems to be working fine. However, when I attempt to run a speed test, it fails, indicating that server isn’t connected properly. I have another site that is connected the same way with no problems, so I’m confused on what to fix. I used the diagnostic-center test, which suggested DNSSEC, which I added, but that made no difference. I will appreciate any tips or insight on this. Thank you.

I rarely look at the speed test. Sometimes it’s blocked by Firewall, and that would show up in your Firewall Events Activity log.

I find that Lighthouse in Chrome’s Dev Tools (F12) or fastorslow.com give me a good picture of my sites’ performance.

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Thanks for the feedback. I do get excellent results from webpagetest.org and from gtmetrix.com, but I would like to find out why this error. I reran the diagnostics page and it reported all is okay - but the speed test still doesn’t run.

Problem resolved itself. I did nothing and now the speed test works fine.

Hey @dskirk try also in your tests https://www.fastorslow.com/

This is pretty good, you will see what I mean by when you test :wink: You get all placements in the world in one hit, it’s pretty good.

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