Speed test is failing

Everytime I want to run the speed test, it fails with the following error: Before you run another test, check the URL is correct, the server is responding, and the firewall is not blocking requests. (Status code: 403)
I checked with the hosting (cloudways) and on their end there are no blocking.
Also, we use Wordfence. What should I check?
Thank you

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Sorry for the issues. Quick fix idea 6 in this CommunityTip should point you in the right direction to fix the issue

Hi. Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunetly, I already checked with the hosting and on their end there is nothing wrong and nothing is blocking the scan.
I also disabled Wordfence. Same error.


Sorry to hear you are still having issues. Can you please run the speedtest then go to the "security events " section after it fails and see if any security events are found.

Then if you see a blocked event you can use the data in that event. To create a blocked rule to allow the speedtest if we are in fact blocking the request with the WAF.

If you do not see any events the likelihood of us blocking this test is minimal. I would suggest trying to “pause” Cloudflare to see if it works with the WAF disabled.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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