Speed Test Error 1000

On one of the sites on my account (the others are fine), my speed test is falling with a “can’t be fetched (code 1000)” error. I doubt this problem is at my end, as it isn’t a web server error, and all the other sites on my server work fine.

Have you tried setting the specific domain into development mode or bypassing Cloudflare to check if it’s actually an issue with Cloudflare?

Yep, no effect. I have several other sites on the same Cloudflare account and the same server which don’t have this problem. The code suggests it’s an internal Cloudflare issue.

No effect, in the sense that it works or it doesn’t?

It doesn’t work whether I’m in development mode or not, Interestingly the browser insights work fine though, and the speed test used to work on this site just fine.

Development mode bypasses all Cloudflare features, except for the basic proxy. The only remaining test would be to unproxy that hostname or pause Cloudflare for the whole site to bypass Cloudflare completely.

Well it isn’t working either way, whereas all the other sites on the same account and the same server with the same security settings (both on my server and in my Cloudflare account) all work fine, and the speed test was working on this site until recently as well.

Interestingly the browser insights weren’t working up until yesterday either, but are working now. All of this plus the error code points to an internal Cloudflare issue, which your suggestions would have no effect on (and don’t in practice anyway).

If it doesn’t work even when unproxied, then the issue is server-side, for sure.

I can’t unproxy it, as my server only accepts Cloudflare IPs. Besides, your logic is flawed in any case: you are ignoring the possibility of an internal Cloudflare error, which the error code indicates. If it was my site, it would show a web server error code, which it doesn’t.

I know you’re trying to be helpful, but you aren’t really helping at all I’m sorry.

I am trying to remove possibilities as the 1000 error code is for origin DNS issues, which are not possible in this case from what you are telling me.

When was the list pulled? They updated it relatively recently.


The IP list is up to date. And once again, all my sites have the same IP restrictions but no others have this problem.

The 1000 error is an internal Cloudflare DNS error, not a server error. AFAIK my DNS is configured correctly, as everything else works fine with my site - only the speed test fails with this error.

It’s an “origin points to a prohibited IP” error.

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Hey @ljmac,

The speed test runs a test against the root domain, and I see you have a page rule to 301 redirect to www. Can you try temporarily disabling the Page Rule and retry the speed test to see if it makes a difference?

Let me know what you get.


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Thanks blas, that was it! I have the same redirect on another domain which doesn’t have this problem, so I still don’t know why it’s only a problem on this site, but your suggestion worked!

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