Speed stil slow after upgrade to Unlimeted!

I paid today for Warp+ Unlomited in the hope it would be faster. Unfortunatly I stil have no speed on my phone and laptop with Warp activated.

Phone with Warp: upload 0,1 download 80 MBPS
Phone without Warp: upload 30 download 80 MBPS
Poco X3 NFC Android 12

Laptop: upload 0,20 download 20 MBPS
Laptop without: upload 30 dowload 90 MBPS
Chuwi Windows 11

How to solve?

WARP+ Unlimited does not improve speed compared to free WARP. All it does is increase the amount of data you’re allowed to transfer.

There’s not really anything you can do. WARP doesn’t magically make your connection faster. In rare cases WARP might improve your connection speed, but most likely your connection speed will be the same or worse. It all depends on your ISP’s peering.