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Using Bluehost cloud server and Cloudflare.

Have worked my page load speed down to 1.35s, but of that time 872.2ms is waiting for the server to respond after the initial request.

That’s 65% of time.

So if I am looking to make things faster, seems like a logical place to try to do something.

Question is, is this time on the Bluehost end of things, or the Cloudflare end of things, and is there anything I can do to make it better?

I’m not sure how much is being cached by Cloudflare, are they serving back the original page, or is Bluehost and Cloudflare is just caching content?


Static files, such as CSS, JS, and images are cached. Everything else needs to be pulled from your server. So that delay is Cloudflare waiting for your server to deliver the page.



Your HTML pages are generated by your origin server at Bluehost. Cloudflare caches many static assets by default, like JavaScript, CSS and image files. HTML is not cached by default.

You can create a page rule (CF Dashboard > Page Rules) for your domain or parts of it (subdirectories etc) with a Cache Level: Cache Everything setting. This should speed up the TTFB, but you need to consider whether your content is dynamic (each visitor should get a different HTML page) or static (every visitor can see the same HTML).

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its both of them, depends where your origin is and from where your visitor is,
so lets say your origin is in europe and your visitor is from usa

it will be like:

  1. visitor to cf - 15ms-60ms
  2. cf to your origin - 50ms-120ms
  3. time of your server to response - 1ms-∞ms
  4. origin to cf - 50ms-120ms
  5. cf to user - 15ms-60ms

sum all of this together to get your response time
in 800ms response time probably most of it is the time in step 3(unless you are going from really unusual route)

to make is faster your have couple options:

  • optimize step 3
  • cache your content in cf
  • add more servers to your stack closer to your users(and cf)

Can you post a link to your site? Knowing the stack we might be able to offer server-side performance enhancements. For example if you’re using wordpress then install a smart caching plugin like Comet Cache.

Thanks for the clarity and insight guys, much appreciated.

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