Speed problem caused by 301 1st interaction

Hello all,

I have a problem(?) with my website that I found when I was taking a look about it in GTmetrix.
What I see in the Waterfall section is this:

I am wondering why when I try to reach my url I receive a status 301 and then a 200 for the same thing. I suppose this thing slows down my website, as about 2.5sec are for nothing (if not mistaken).

Any thoughts?

What Iā€™m seeing when going to http:wildpistons gives me a fast 301 to https:wildpistons, and then that gives me a slow WordPress 301 to https:www.wildpistons

You can make this much faster with a Page Rule:
Match: wildpistons.com/*
Add Setting: Forwarding URL 301 to https://www.wildpisons.com/$1

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