Speed performance question


I understand how Cloudflare speeds up websites through it’s CDN system, but I was wondering if it also speeds up the WordPress dashboard?

I ask because for the past few months, I’ve been using the free version of Cloudflare on my website. I ran into a problem with the hosting company, and just change to a new host. At the new host I opted for a better plan with more RAM and on the cloud. However, my website is extremely slow to load, and so is my dashboard. I have not added Cloudflare on my new host yet. Could it be that Cloudflare was the reason my website and WordPress dashboard at my previous host was faster to load? I’m considering subscribing to a paid plan with Cloudflare but want to know first if Cloudflare does indeed speed up not just the website but also my WordPress dashboard. Otherwise I may have to switch hosting companies again.

Thank you in advance for your help.

For non-static assets, like the wordpress dashboard, Cloudflare generally won’t speed up load times since it directly proxies your origin server/your host. If the origin responds slow when loading the dashboard, CF can’t speed up that page load time since it just waits for the origin server to load it.

So, a slow load time for HTML/the dashboard is almost always an issue with your Wordpress host or the server they’re running it on. Some website hosts share multiple customers’ websites on the same physical server, meaning if one website it getting heavy traffic or there are too many websites on the server, every other customers’ website will slow down.

Since you’re not on CF yet, I recommend contacting your host about the slow page load time, and mention how your old host was faster.

It will only speed up the static resources used in the dashboard. CSS, Images, and Javascripts. The HTML might be just a bit faster since it will be minified and compressed. But WordPress still has to generate the HTML in the first place, and that is the bottleneck.

If your wordpress site is slow, you might want to take a look at the database performances. It doesn’t matter how fast your webserver is if the database doesn’t follow.

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