Speed performance not improved even after upgrading to Pro

I upgraded today to Pro in order to increase the speed of my website. When I ran Google speed test after upgrading and making necessary adjustments, still performance hasn’t improved.

I upgraded because I thought cloudflare assist on the below

  1. Resolve properly sized image issue
  2. Serve images in next gen format
  3. Use HTTP/2
  4. Mobile website performance enhancement

But I don’t see any. Please check the attached results and assist on priority.

Appreciate your help.

Looking at your Lighthouse results, it seems like the biggest detractor on your performance is your improperly sized images. Unless you are specifically using an Image Optimization product, then using Pro won’t help you decrease your loading times. Although from the results shown, it does seem like your score has increased from 15 to 43, so that is something.

Thanks for your response. What do you suggest? I should use some tools for image resizing?

Those screen shots are Mobile and Desktop. It’s not increased from 15-43 :slight_smile:

Appreciate experts here can help to breakthrough site speed.

Need guidance on the below

  1. Cloudflare helping serve image in next gen format
  2. HTTP/2

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