Speed Overview Site

Hey there,
I really like the new page, seeing how much faster pages are with Cloudflare. From marketing side a perfect campaign. And for me, it’s finally good to see, how much Cloudflare is improve the loading performance!

Point to entry
What I am missing is the pointer, which site is the relevant one. Of cource the A@ entry is logic, but we having a platform and the pages of it are the most interesting for use. In our case that means, to point the speed test to an entry like “app.domain.tld” would be much more interesting!

Like you test and on and how much the speed increases implementing new features and improve the code. It would be very useful to save the speed tests in a historical graph, to see how the speed improves or decrease over time. In the case the website is going to be slower, than it would be nice to see it there and try to counteract on it.

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