Speed -> Overview An error occurred while testing your website

An error occurred while testing your website.
https://delysid.ru/ couldn`t be fetched ( Code: 1000)

Error 2 weeks?
Does everyone have it?

Most likely the same as Speed not work for my site

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Thank. Will wait…

Waiting wont fix that. You need to remove whatever - presumably - blocks Cloudflare from running the test.


What IP addresses should I add to the white list?
What user agent should I add to the white list?

@sandro is right, we can’t test delysid.ru zone because of presented JS challenge. We use headless Chrome for initial fetch and then testing with Chrome on webpagetest agent. We are working on improving an information on how to address the issue. You may try to whitelist headless Chrome UA.

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This is bad. My website is blocking all empty User Agents. Tired of bots and questionable statistics sites.

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