Speed -> Optimization -> Image Resizing doesn't do anything on my WordPress site

Hi all,

I’ve purchased the Cloudflare Pro plan to improve our site a bit and support Cloudflare for their great work.

I installed the APO and that is connected (although the WAF won’t enable).
But, at the Cloudflare website under Speed → Optimization i’ve enabled Image Resizing.
After 3 days still no data used.
And, with pagespeed and my browser I see no .webp files but still the .jpeg and .jpg and .png.
Why isn’t the Image Resizing working?

All Image resizing does is let you use a special path on your zone to resize/change images, ex: https://<ZONE>/cdn-cgi/image/<OPTIONS>/<SOURCE-IMAGE>

If you want Cloudflare to automagically optimize your images, enable Polish, the setting below Image Resizing. Even with Polish enabled, it’s not going to change the extension in the request path from .jpg to .webp, but it will change the image to webp (if enabled) and the content-type response header, if the client has support for webp (accept header)

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