Speed optimization after uprgrade to a pro plan

I just upgrade my plan pro here in Cloudflare because i neeed improve my speed performace, server response was slow when i check my dash board panel in WP -Admin, health site. I was think your pro plan will help me but before to upgrade response of server was about 600- 700 miliseconds , after its over 700 miliseconnds. I want to quit with your pro plan its not working for me and creat more issues. Thank you


I’m sorry to hear that you’re not seeing the speed improvements you expected with the Pro plan. Remember, while Cloudflare helps with speed enhancements, it doesn’t replace the need for optimized servers or website codebase. If there are inherent performance issues with the server or website, Cloudflare might not be able to completely resolve it. I would suggest checking your server configurations or working with your hosting provider to address any speed issues. As for your Pro plan, you’re free to downgrade if the features are not meeting your expectations.

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Hello, thank you for the answer, I also tend to believe that the problem is the server and its configuration. I have already talked to those who host my site (getspace) but the answer was a little unsatisfactory because they say that everything is fine. Unfortunately, I have this message that persists with the response speed of the server when the website is accessed and it is quite slow over 600 milliseconds in the idea that the response should be between 100 and 200 milliseconds. I am also attaching a test with PageSpeeedInsight that shows that the site configuration is quite good. Do you have a solution or a recommendation for hosting, I would change the hosting but I’m afraid it won’t be the same and I’ve paid for the current hosting for 2 years?