Speed of website

My site taking time to open why ?
its showing clouldflare waiting

If you can send your domain also, that would be great


You have enabled the Under Attack Mode, are you under attack?

so if i deactivated the speed will be solved

Once enabled, the under attack mode, add additional protections to your web site ( DDOS protection and mitigation) . With this mode activated, you and your visitors see an interstitial page for about 5 seconds while CloudFlare analyze the traffic to make sure it is a legitimate human visitor. Thats why you see the delay.

I’ve disable it now I’m under attack
and issue still there
can you c

This is not a fact, that Cloudflare slows down your website, if its slow. There are many factors that make a website slow. Have you checked your server response, errors, your website logs, code? It is everything ok there?

After i removed I’m under attack its much higher

try to open a ticket in your hosting provider, and ask them what do they see

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