Speed not work for my site

An error occurred while testing your website.

Check our status page and ensure your website is operational.

site: hpp.ovh

What was the page and error? Is hpp.ovh your site?

I’m also receiving the page couldn’t be fetched so the issue isn’t at your end.

need disable cf captcha?

No. you don’t have to make any changes on your end. For me, It’s only affecting sites I’ve already tested and not the sites I haven’t.

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Though I am not sure it is at Cloudflare’s end either :slight_smile: Might be right in the middle :wink:

I get the error for one domain as well and that domain is configured to aggressively block bots. Could that be the case with you too? The user agent for that check is apparently got/9.6.0 (https://github.com/sindresorhus/got).

I’ll take look after lunch and get back to you @sandro .

Bon appetit :slight_smile:

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So I disabled my Firewall rules, purged my Cache and everything seems to be fine again with all Rules re-enabled. I did test just a few seconds before and was still failing so either the planets aligned or that fixed my problem.

i tested, if this disabled -> work

Hi @zzzona-bot, that’s correct the only way for us to generate test results is then site allows access without a Challenge page. The workaround is to disable Challenge, start the testing by navigating to Speed page, wait for results then reenabled Challenge again.

FYI we upgraded initial fetch logic and now we use headless Chrome instead of got module.

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Thank you for the update @yevgen.

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