Speed not improve after upgrade to pro

i just ran a metric test after upgrade and I notice the metric say this

and gtmetric speed rank hasn’t also improved either.
please any features to enable guys ?

May I ask what options from Pro plan have you enabled so far? (Polish, Mirage, TCP Turbo, Rocket Loader …)

Moreover, what other options have you had enabled before?

What about caching settings and browser cache for visitors?
How about HTML, CSS, JS code minimization and image optimizations like WebP, etc.?
And a Rocket loader for better TTFB time?

Test using some online tools like:

Usefull links:


Polish,mirage turbo turned on,while rocket is turn on for front page only in page rule

Again grade hasn’t improved “C” and my worries has been TTFB which is usually 897mms.
The above results remain the same even after upgrade

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