Speed load test returns another web page!

Good day to you all!

on few occasions this past 2 weeks ive tried to do a speed load test that gives a comparison running it through the cloudflare cdn and the speed improvements that can be gained !

problem being it doesnt actually return my web site just a plain page that is not related to my site?

i am new to cloudlare and wondered if i was doing something wrong ?

A page without a CSS loaded as a “preview image” or a “screenshot” of the Webpage you are trying to test?

Or some error as an assumption of the request could be blocked by some security or firewall option at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

May I ask which page speed test tools online have you used and what is your domain or URL of the Webpage you have tried and tested?

Have you tried testing it using some online tools like:

It’s the loading Speedtest button which is inside the user control panel to test the page load speeds of cloudflare and non cloud flare. I am new to cloud flare and website building !

Thanks for your input though

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