"Speed Kit" Problems

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We would like to install the plugin “Speed Kit” as it transforms our site into a ‘progressive web app’:

In this context we have a few questions:

  1. We installed the ‘speed kit’ plugin on our staging site https://staging.pairfum.com/ but find that it is not yet working, as we repeated receive 403 errors (bad request).
    We asked Baqend.com for support and they were asking whether Cloudflare has some form of a bot detection installed on their servers that prevent speed kit from working.
    Does anybody have any experience in this area?

  2. Is anybody familiar with Speed Kit and does it work well for you / your customers that use it? Alternatively, do you have a different solution that you would propose that achieves the same but is simpler or works better in combination with Cloudflare?

Many thanks for your help in this context.

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It seems that besides turning the site into a PWA, it also makes use of a CDN to store and distribute some content. SInce Cloudflare has its own cache and a much larger CDN footpring, you have to decide whether the benefit of having a second CDN is worth the issues you are facing now and will certainly face as you change settings on Cloudflare in the future. I’m not saying you can’t use both, just that it may not be the best choice. Implement, test and see if this brings any real speed benefits.

I’ve been testing Super PWA plugin, which installs a Service Worker and it’s really impressive. I had an issue with some other plugins that depend on the REST API on the back-end, but with help from their support, I’ve excluded /wp-json/ from the SW and these plugins are now working fine.

The website itself benefits from have a SW, meaning the user will see pages a lot faster on their second visit to the website, as well as on subsequent pages visited after the landing pages on their first visit, as static assets are cached by the SW.

I’m still trying to figure out how to properly set this in order to avoid issues when I need to update content. I’d love to hear from others who may have already tried adding PWA to a WP website.

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Hi Floripane,

Many thanks for the tip.

Super PWA certainly looks very interesting.

Have you combined it with Cloudflare’s Service Workers?
Did you find it to work with the ecommerce element of a wordpress site, e.g. woocommerce?
How did you measure the speed improvements? Did you use https://www.webpagetest.org ?

Regarding Speed Kit, we have asked our hosting partner and they did indeed have a bot detection system in place that blocked it. Speed Kit has now been excluded from this

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi @internet3,

I have not used Cloudflare Workers, which is a paid service, but there are several members of this community who have tested / are testing it as a way to optimize WordPress websites, you can find a few good threads by searching “wordpress workers”.

I use both GTMetrix (on a hourly monitoring) and webpagetest.org. Webpagetest.org is better for this because it lets you test with a 2 view (like the user would if they would visit your site after the SW is installed.)

But Chrome’s DevTools (F12 on a Windows computer) allows you to see it working in greater detail. You can for instance see the speed advantage the new user gets while navigating to other pages on your site, since the SW is already installed and many (if not most) files are common to all pages (JS, CSS, logo image etc). You can also disable it to see how the page is working on a first visit on any page.

I have no experience with Woocommerce or any other e-commerce system, you’d need to test. If you click on the link on my previous message, there are instructions to bypass /wp-json/, and I’m pretty sure you could add any files the e-commerce system requires to be kept dynamic.

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Hi Floripare,

Many thanks for all your tips.

I will have a look into them.

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