Speed is not improved

I have my site oosana.com set up yesterday.
I have tested several times, the speed and speed does not seem to be improved.

Below are the results from the webpagestest.org and dotcom-tools.com
What needs to be done to improve the speed?


As you can see from the dotcom-tools test, the second load is much faster once your files are cached. The only other way Cloudflare could speed up your site is if RocketLoader can make your site’s JS more efficient. You can enable Rocket Loader in the Speed tab under Optimization.

Thank you,
I have enabled the Rocket loader.
I will test by evening again for the performance.

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Every time I run the test, first visit is slower, and the second visit is better.
If the data is cached why it takes so much of time to load for the first time.

Please close this ticket.
I have removed this site.

Now production site is up. I will follow speed in separate ticket.

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