Speed Index Suggestion

Hi There,

I will appreciate if anyone can advise me how to fix speed index and CLS to get my site load faster. Speed index is 4.0 and CLS is 0.348.

The website is in joomla and i have installed JCH plugin for it. I am ready to use more service to from cloudflare to get my website to load faster.


There’s nothing Cloudflare can do about CLS, as that’s completely handled by your site’s page layout. As for Speed Index, I’m sure that test result has plenty of suggestions on what’s slowing things down. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was third party connections not related to Cloudflare.

Would be able to assist me with any suggestion that can help me to achieve good performance result.


If you can’t optimize your site on your own, you’ll probably have to hire someone who does this for a living.

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