Speed has fallen down due to the addition of Cloudflare

Hello! My name is James and I am the owner of the website. Recently, our website has been having some issues with Cloudflare, causing it to run slowly for some users. How can we handle that let me know any expert on what should be the reason due for Cloudflare and why speed falls down.

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If you are particular about it, you can check it through the dashboard what’s happening so. See the Analytics.

May I suggest you to look at these for the quick guide:

Check the Explore dedicated speed products

More from Cloudflare:

Same thing with me, CF did increase the latency. Google Bot showed the page response time was increasing. Maybe we should wait few days before CF caches pages to all the servers in the world.

Thanks so much, Neiljay! I was finally able to resolve my issue by following the instructions in the post that you shared. It was a huge help, and I’m very grateful.

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