Speed error 503


When checking the page speed, i receive an error

thailande-et-asie.com returned status code 503.

Make sure it fetches successfully to proceed with speed analysis.

The other thing and I don’t know if it’s related but I’m facing an issue on my website with updating wordpress and plugins. All seems to be a dns problem, not resolving properly.

I’ve checked already with my host and here is what they said

the domain A record and the www cName are not pointed to your account with us, as I see the A record is pointed to IP address x.x.x.x and the www cName is pointed to g.ezoic.net. that means that the domain resolves from some external server where the issues should be checked.

When checking the IP, I thought it was the one from where my domain name is registered (OVH in France, but it’s pointing instead to Amazon aws server so I’m a bit confused…

What’s also complicated with my dns is that I’m using a specific advertising service, which mean that my CNAME actually point to THEIR server.

So in the end I’m so confused if the problem is from OVH, Cloudflare or the Ad service (being Ezoic if anyone knows)…

Thanks if anyone can help

Coming back already, just read something interesting from Ezoic support

When Ezoic is turned ‘on’, requests will start coming via IP addresses from Amazon’s Web Servers (AWS)

So now I know the IP is from them, so I guess I have to sort out with them or still, is it an issue with Cloudflare blocking Ezoic ?

Abd by the way, the Wordpress issue is this one :

cURL error 28: Operation timed out

If anyone reading this, for the record, I manage to find the faulty plugin that was causing the curl error (being Photonic Gallery, there is an option to actually increase the cURL timeout, did it from 10 to 30 and problem solved !)

But so far I’m still facing this issue with page speed showing error 503 on Cloudflare…

I am having this issue as well, so I doubt it is just your configuration, and I do not use Ezoic or any other service between Cloudflare and the server my site is hosted on. When I check the access and error logs for the site, it shows all the pages are fetched okay with status 200 so I assume the error is on Cloudflare’s end. Maybe they will fix it soon enough.

Howevery, I see that the fetches are being redirected from my naked domain to the www subdomain. Maybe this is triggering an error in Cloudflare since it is trying to curl the naked domain.

The issue with speed page should be resolved. Sorry the message is a bit misleading, in this particular case API just timed out after 10 seconds of the initial fetch, it took 40+ seconds for thailande-et-asie.com zone to fetch.

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I’m currently having this same issue when I try to run the speed test. Error message received was:

" antimaximalist.com returned status code 503.

Make sure hostname fetches successfully to proceed with speed analysis "

Not certain what that means but I checked my host server (Siteground) and all seems fine. Any helpful solutions would be appreciated.

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