Speed dashboard stuck


I noticed that the speed bar was stuck ( doesn’t refresh ) on the old version of the website a few months ago. How can you force the speed bar to refresh?

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The speed test only runs once. If you want an update, you’ll have to ask Support to run it again.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

@sdayman do you see any chances here to get a “ReTest” button where we can on our own retest this once a day/week? I personally would like to run this test more often to see how close my native optimizations are to the one from CloudFlare.

Opening a FeatureRequest is not resultating in anything I think but I can immagine that a lot of other people want to restest aswell :slight_smile:

With however many million domains they have here, I don’t think the current setup can support thousands of requests per day. When it launched, it was a bit unsteady. Maybe they can create an automated queue and then you just check back later.

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That actually is perfectly fine for me. Could you maybe pass this to the Cloudflare devs?
This also should relieve the support of doing this manually

I don’t have that kind of connections. I can just pester the same people you can pester.