Speed.cloudflare test stalling

This is an attempt to report that the public-facing perf test at speed.cloudflare.com, as presented to the general public, is stalling indefinitely in the middle. Download phase reports results but then, continuing with “Running…” indicated, the presumptive Upload phase does not launch, or maybe does but then does not update the results Web page.

This situation is NOT related to the use of any CF product offering per se nor is it a request for support. I have not found a public path to report this kind of issue as there is no error message or condition, just a stall compared a general expectation of behavior for a speed test. So, created this CF account to post a Good Samaritan report.

Platform: Win 10 Pro, Intel Xeon, Firefox 111.0 x64, ISP Verizon. No VPN active during the testing.