Speed benefits DNS Only vs Proxy

Sorry, I honestly don’t know why. Does HTTP Connectivity Test | Benchmark From 53+ Locations Worldwide - bunny.net Tools give similar results?

The first request is miss and then second request is hit

Try different test servers other than GTMetrix as pagespeed depends on both ends, your target test server + the testing tool’s location/server as well. So try with Webpagetest.org as well

Also Mumbia India is a special situation due to ISP bandwidth/peering costs, Cloudflare can’t guarantee all requests from Indians go to India CF datacenter so they may direct to CF Singapore datacenter. The higher the CF plan you go the more likely CF will direct India visitors to Indian CF datacenters. Same for Australian visitors and Australian CF datacenters due to high ISP bandwidth costs.

  • For Australia, CF business plan or higher has higher guarantees
  • For India, CF enterprise plan is only one that guarantees India traffic hits CF indian datacenters. CF business plan has much higher guarantee than CF pro so still helps.

Also GTMetrix isn’t entirely accurate as it uses a web browser version older than say Webpagetest.org. GTMetrix Chrome uses version 90 which is missing some performance feature supported by newer Chrome browsers


Speed is nearly same arround 2.5 sec

Then that’s the speed of the region and the networks it transverses through for requests to your site. Not all servers and networks would be created equal as does not all CF data centers are created/built equally - there are different generations of CF servers in data centers too.

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Due to speed issues we may be required to disable Proxy services.
if so, which services remain active?
Do any of the following remain active without Proxy service enabled?


If you turn off the proxied service (orange cloud to gray cloud) then no Cloudflare services will be active for those domains.

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