Speed_Api Error 1020

When I try to open APO for WordPress, I get this error: peed_api: Website should be proxied through Cloudflare (Code: 1020)

Here is a screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

Any ideas?

I have to enable separate cache for device types. I cannot activate APO.
Could you please help?

All the DNS records are proxied. There is no problem.
I can access the website, there is no problem.

I installed Cloudflare plugin to my website. And I cannot make any changes on it. Maybe there is something wrong. I mean, if I try to change anything on the plugin, it doesn’t apply.
I tried to deactive other plugins, still the problem not fixed.

I just can’t find any solution, there are no resources to fix it.

Thanks for your reply.

Any ideas?


Have you contacted Cloudflare support? If yes, you can share the ticket number here.

Yes, I have sent a ticket. But waiting for the reply. Here is the ticket number: 2260866

Still, they didn’t reply to my support ticket.

Let me put this into the escalation queue.

Thank you.

As far as I’m aware (correct me if I’m wrong, I rarely work with APO), enabling APO through the dashboard is only supported for your “main” website (www.yourname.xyz). When installing the plugin on a WordPress site, you would not need to separately activate it on the dashboard, as it’s activated automatically.

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I need to activate the cache by device type under the APO. Because I have separate content on my website. (For mobile and desktop)
So, It needs to be cached by device type.

And APO is not activated on my website, I am 100% sure.

You will have those settings within your plugin in the Wordpress installation.

I cannot change anything in the Cloudflare WordPress plugin. It does not give an error. It is not saving. I don’t know why.
I deactivated all the plugins, themes, and still the same issue.

I think something wrong with Cloudflare.

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