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My site is still pretty slow when loading (perhaps due to images?) - I’ve already activated minification and Brotli. Is there anything else I can do to increase the speed? I have compressed the images on my site. The root page have images of sizes: 900kb , 38kb , 56kb, 83kb


I keep getting cf-cache-status MISS for all of those images. Is your site in development mode?

I would add a page rule to cache those images

I’ve just ran your site against https://tools.keycdn.com/performance and it’s pretty quick!

Thanks for reply!

I’m frequently updating the website - is there a way to change the mode in Cloudflare? and if so should I change it each time I update the website?

How do I ‘add a page rule to cache those images’?

Yes there are some things you could do:

  1. include responsive Images
  2. serve better scaled images
  3. optimize images
  4. server images in modern web-formats (webp)

And the best LoadSpeed you get if you combine all of these 4 parts. Then your site will be fast (even on mobile). But as far as I see your website is not responsive so you most probably dont care about mobile.

Little hint: you picture “flower2.jpg” is about 1MB big, this is way to much and it also gets served in 4032x3024 px so the resolution is just to big, pls scale it down to about 1024x768 px which is fine.

I just optimized your picutres and will append them here, just download them and replace the ones on your server, then clear CloudFlare Cache.
Have fun! (all images downscaled to fit size and already lossless optimized at 100%)

  1. flower.jpg (1,014,219 Bytes => 114,384 Bytes)

  2. logo.png (57,754 Bytes => 16.703 Bytes)

  3. logo2.png (85,223 Bytes => 23.782 Bytes)

  4. faminism.png
    Well I did not optimize this as I know how women behave if I want to improve/correct them :upside_down_face:

Please first backup your original files in case you dont like these.

If you update content the content should:

  1. be dynamic (like the html, it normaly does not get cached)


  1. serve the changed content from a different link then the content before.

Like if you want to replace the background image (flower2.jpg) you could just name it by flower3.jpg so the like does get changed and a “new” image is getting served. This would be nesseccary as CloudFlare caches on URL base.

Or if you change content you have the option to purge the cache for exactly the URLs which content changed. Its up to you, you just have to know how CloudFlare works.

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