Speed and down load issue

I have website hosted in cloud host with siteground. I was requested by them to connect my domain via DNS to thier server then from there my website will be connected to cloudflare, but the issue there the domain name will be with www.
Since have been using my domain with out www. For a long time i did not accept this idea.
Finally they have managed to connect my domain directly to cloudflare then from cloudflare ( via DNS) to the siteground host ( IP) without www in the domain.
The result was that my website become much slower with too much down loading time eventhough The cloudflare inclded the Railgun to speed up my website which i have never used before.
my website has WP-rocket , SG optimizer , Autoptimizer, Crticle CSS Autoptimizer and Imagify.

Who knows how to solve it by at least to get back my speed and loading time

That’s probably more optimizers than you really need, but that setup should have made things better. What’s the domain?

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