Spectrum with custom application - Enterprise plan


We have an application that runs on an http service on a high tcp port.
Was trying to configure Spectrum for this purpose, but only get prompted with choosing between setting up SSH,RDP or Minecraft applications/servers.

We have an Enterprise plan for that domain.


In this case you can just contact your Customer Success Manager to enable that for you.

Did so, but the system keeps consult the community for my issue too. That’s why I’m asking here.
Thanks for the help anyways.

If the system does that for an Enterprise customer, there’s something seriously off with the system :smile:.

Exactly as @erictung explained, push your assigned customer care agent, you are paying dearly for it.


Navigate to your Zone dashbord, then select Spectrum, then select Create Application, you should be able to proxy any port

Unfortunately this is not the case for all Enterprise customers. CSM still needs to enable that for their customers.


Anyway, I’m curious who is your CSM?

Or, do you know that usually there’s one CSM assigned to you based on Enterprise contract?

I’m waiting patiently for the ticket to be created :slight_smile: meanwhile I’ve a message stating :
"To help Cloudflare detect common issues and try to resolve your problem quickly, we’ll run some diagnostics on your domain. Please wait.

f your question is not urgent or high priority, in lieu of submitting a ticket, please consult our extensive knowledge base, developer docs, and community to find the answer to your question.

Hence my question here…

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