Spectrum Upgrade


I need guidance on reaching out to my Cloudflare account manager to upgrade my account to Spectrum, a global TCP and UDP proxy on Cloudflare’s edge nodes. I aim to configure products like CDN, Workers, or Bot Management, utilizing HTTP/HTTPS to connect to the endpoint of my TCP mail server.


Do you already have an Enterprise account? Just contact your CSM and they can price up and arrange.

If you don’t yet have an Enterprise account (or don’t know your CSM), contact sales and they will prepare pricing for you based on your needs.

Spectrum is available on all paid plans. I have an issue with Creating a Spectrum application using a CNAME record.

The TCP/UDP proxy you are asking for in your post is only available with an Enterprise plan.

On other paid plans you can only have a single of each SSH, RDP or Minecraft application. Nothing else.

Within my current paid plan, what Cloudflare resources are available to transport email messages from Cloudflare Workers to the SMTP/TCP Email server (imap-cfored-com:10025)?


You want to send email from a worker to your own SMTP server? Not something I’ve done myself so someone else might know better, but until then…

I guess you could use connect() and write your own handler. Port 25 is ruled out.

Probably easier to create a webhook on your server so the worker can HTTP POST the mail data to your webserver and have that send the email through your SMTP server for you.

Or just send the email via Mailchannels…

Q: You want to send email from a worker to your own SMTP server?

A: Yes

Update our worker.js script to include a connect() function that returns a TCP socket, i.e., Google IAP for TCP forwarding webhook between Cloudflare Worker and an internal ip address hosting our SMTP server at ‘imap-cfored-com:10025.’?


Using my Pro Business Account with enabled SSH (one app allowed), how do I enable an SSH command to connect to my GCP VM instance (imap-cfored-com) via (1) Cloudflare Worker (i.e., JavaScript: work.js: UI) and (2) Cloudflare Wrangler (Local CLI)?