Spectrum Statistic

Hi! Where can I find spectrum consumption?
I have a PRO version with a 5 GB limitation and I am looking for statistics where I can control the available resources.



I have been using spectrum for several hours and so far I am writing no data.

Yeah, it’s not up-to-date, it’s updated daily.

I heard opinions on the forum that 5GB resources with 100 players are used after an hour. Is it true?

I don’t want to go into high costs so I wanted to control resources now .-.

That unfortunately I have no idea. But I heard same things.

Suggestion: leave it enabled for 60 minutes, disable it and wait tomorrow. Extrapolate a sample usage from there.

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Okay thanks for your help

It depends on so many different things. It’s best to monitor the usage on your end. That way you can actually predict and see how much is used.

I was discussing Spectrum with a Cloudflare staff member earlier today, on a standard Minecraft survival server he was seeing ~250kbps per player.

But again, this massively depends on so many factors. It isn’t just a simple “x per second” or whatever. It’s best for you to monitor on your end.


250kbps per player - that’s a lot in the beginning.
I run a small server but since yesterday I have frequent attacks and this is the only protection I found.

Hope the consumption will be small, thanks for the answers