Spectrum Security

I am testing Spectrum, and not being able to block a country or ASN from using your spectrum tunnel without blocking it on your entire website is very bad.

Also testing/using it on the PRO Plan without being able to block countrys or even big ranges of IP is very bad.

please make spectrum blocks independent of the website and allow PRO plan to block countrys on spectrum.

Also but not less important, allow to use a country allowlist on spectrum, for example, to allow only US and block all other IPs.

Access Security on Spectrum is very bad right now, but the ideia of the product seems awesome! i will keep testing it.

For this, use a separate domain for the website and Spectrum applications.

Block by country for IP Access Rules requires an Enterprise Plan whether using Spectrum or not.

I’m not sure of your use case, Spectrum is very limited if not on an Enterprise plan.

We use Spectrum on an Enterprise plan, with a subdomain setup…

…so that Spectrum applications have a completely separate configuration. This allows us to use tighter IP Access rules for Spectrum (just countries that our hardware is in) from the website (globally accessible).

It’s not cheap, but for our use case it’s great and works really well.

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