Spectrum Question

So if I pay the $20 sub, I’ll be able to use my domain as a streaming address instead of my IP using the proxy settings Cloudflare has enabled for spectrum? I like using my domain but I don’t like it when people see the domain IP address it has me uneasy, so if I do pay for the $20 will the spectrum feature help me with this? Cloudflare blocks the port I’m using for streaming so the proxy is blocking connections.

If you’re talking about the Spectrum you can activate on the Pro plan, that’s only for Minecraft and SSH.

Spectrum is quite expensive, we recently got quoted for it on the enterprise package, and even with some prorate, we found it a bit pricey.
It is definitely worth the cost if you can afford it, but in our case (and for most companies of similar size to ours, it’s not affordable).

If you want to protect yourself while streaming, the best option will be a VPN with some DDoS protection.

VPS? Vultr offers a DDoS feature for maybe $10/month extra.

I think and I could be wrong, his main problem has to do with people finding his IP when he streams games or other content, in those cases a VPN would work :slight_smile: .

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