Spectrum port


How do I use Spectrum? Can I add this feature to my account?


Currently, I believe Spectrum is only available to those on an Enterprise plan.


Hello, the current project needs me to do so


Then you need to contact Cloudflare’s sales team. Just be aware that service really does not come cheap.

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How do I get this functionality?


https://www.cloudflare.com/products/cloudflare-spectrum/ there is a ‘Contact Sales’ button.


Thank you

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Hello, how is my domain name https://a.com:2053? This HTTPS custom port


2053 is one of the ports supported by Cloudflare and it requires HTTPS. For that you wouldnt need Spectrum.

What is it you want to accomplish?

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Is it supported by default? Do you need to configure it in Cloudflare?


https + custom port


achieve https://a.com:2053


HTTPS on port 2053 is supported by Cloudflare. For that you wont need Spectrum.


Don’t need to configure it separately?



No, but your server needs to listen on 2053, which it does not seem to do.

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