Spectrum Port Edge not found

I try to create Spectrum and protects my minecraft server on port 19132 but when I create it doesn’t give me option to edit port like photo. What should I do?

Hi @tongpanhavisal,

The Spectrum on Pro/Business plans only allows the default Minecraft port, 25565.

You would need the full Spectrum on Enterprise to use a custom port.

awwww, I see. I just want to protect 25565 (Java) and 19132 (Bedrock)

Both port should be allow to protect cuz they are Minecraft port. That is sad for me.

Ah, I understand that. You may want to open a product request in #feedback:prodreq about adding support for Bedrock edition to Spectrum Pro/Business. That way other users can see and vote on your idea.

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Thank you

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Business would still not allow that, as @domjh mentioned you’d need Enterprise which goes for a couple of thousands.

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But Pro Plan is allow to protect minecraft but minecraft also has port 19132 not just 25565.

Sure, that’s what @domjh already mentioned.

oh yeah right i confuse that i’m replying to suggestion sorry

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